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IPC Analytics: Redefining credit scoring for SME finance

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As a comprehensive SME credit risk profiling solution, IPC Analytics allows you to increase your loan portfolio and reduce NPLs through improved credit decisions. Our multi-dimensional approach optimises resource use and cuts turnaround time.

With more than 20 years’ experience implementing SME finance in financial institutions, IPC has now applied its extensive expertise to the development of a profiling system, IPC Analytics. The tool combines several business development and risk management functions with centralised industry knowledge in a single system.

  • Improve your portfolio quality by making more accurate and faster risk assessments
  • Decrease substantially your turnaround time
  • Guide the credit committee in the decision making process
  • Understand the business and risk profiles of the client with proposed risk mitigations and cross-selling opportunities based on a business needs analysis
  • Multiple device integration

Based on our observations, financial institutions have been serving SMEs with methodologies and technologies more suitable to either microenterprises/retail clients or corporates. Such practices do not address the peculiarities of SME businesses and therefore fail to harness the vast opportunities in SME finance.

Risk Officers and Relationship Managers are usually not seen as part of credit risk management, even though they collect client information, documentation, qualitative data and perform character appraisals. Most institutions are saddled with processes that slow the credit process with back-and-forth information exchange between business and risk departments.

IPC Analytics is redefining what a credit scoring platform for SMEs should be, providing an optimal level of automation and quantitative analysis without neglecting valuable personal contact and qualitative assessments. The profiling system covers the entire credit cycle, from screening the application against exclusion criteria to supporting credit decision-making.

Relationship managers are also risk managers

IPC Analytics guides the Relationship Manager and Risk Officers through the assessment of each SME. The easy-to-use format reduces the likelihood of missing a warning sign for poor business management or weak business models. Upon completion of the assessment, there is a general client profile with an overall business and risk rating, providing pricing recommendations and suggested conditions if required.

Custom solutions

Institutional lending policies, procedures and assessment tools in use in the financial institution are customised and adapted to IPC Analytics assessment modules as well as IPC Analytics can be adapted to the individual credit assessment cycle and the employees involved in the respective financial institution.

SaaS platform provides easy access and self-service

IPC Analytics is a web-based platform containing several functionalities and flexible modules that run on standard browsers. This allows users to load data manually from its core systems without requiring any programming skills. Reports on client assessment can be generated and saved in the client’s file on the FI’s intranet or printed, if required, to be part of the physical client file.

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