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Mission & Values

IPC creates conceptual proposals and carries out project activities geared towards achieving long-term benefits for contracting clients, their partner institutions and the people they serve. Our customers are primarily development banks and agencies, impact investors and development funds, and we also work directly with MFIs, FinTechs and commercial banks.

Our mission is to provide high quality solutions, systemic capacity building and other institutionalised support in the fields of development finance, environment & energy as well as training & skill development. We want to be a reliable partner for development for all our clients, as we are convinced that this will allow us to contribute in the best possible way to sustainable economic development across the globe. Our mission and value statements unite, guide and drive us in our daily operations:

Setting standards for responsible finance

Advancing economic and environmental sustainability

Transmitting entrepreneurial values to drive development

Empowering people through education

Contributing to climate and environmental protection

Building partnerships for institutional development


Founded in 1980, IPC builds on a tremendous track record of successfully implemented projects and strong partnerships around the world with development and donor organisations as well as financial and educational institutions. Our current success is therefore clearly based on the institutional expertise we have accumulated over more than 35 years of development work. However, although we are best known for our achievements in microfinance and SME finance, particularly in downscaling commercial banks and our greenfield activities to build the ProCredit banks, the true strength at IPC is our ability to use this knowledge today to develop holistic, sustainable solutions tailored to the local context and specific needs of our customers.
IPC Company History

Environmental Management

Protecting nature and the environment, as well as limiting climate change, is part of our social responsibility. We support forward-thinking environmental management that enables us to detect and avoid potential environmental damage early on. We aim to conduct our business activities in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, and use resources as efficiently as possible. Our ultimate objective here is to protect the environment and prevent pollution, and to this end, we adhere to the following guidelines: 1) Identifying environmental impacts, 2) Reducing the internal consumption of resources, 3) Integrating environmental protection into our consulting activities, 4) Reducing CO2 emissions, 5) Ensuring legal compliance.

IPC’s Environmental Management System (EMS) was certified as ISO 14001 compliant in 2015. It helps us to make a sustainable contribution to environmental protection by enabling us to constantly control and improve our direct and indirect environmental impact.

In order to achieve this objective, we set targets for the company’s environmental performance and we develop concepts for achieving them. Management provides the necessary human and financial resources and bears responsibility for fulfilling the defined targets.

For the purpose of measuring and monitoring our environmental performance, we define indicators which are reviewed and updated on a yearly basis and made available to all employees. By adapting their approach to work, every employee makes a valuable contribution to the success of IPC’s EMS.
ISO 14001 Certificate
IPC Environmental Policy

IPC in China

Since becoming active in China in 2004, IPC has successfully completed more than 50 advisory projects, providing support to over 30 financial institutions. From 2011 to 2023 we operated a 100% subsidiary in China, conferring us with a solid presence in the country and allowing our permanent team in China to further enhance local expertise and continue to develop our business in the country, which mainly comprises direct contracts from regional commercial banks. Based on the strong partnerships we had forged in China during these years, we established a joint venture to build a training institute in 2016 in Ma’anshan, Anhui province, and have continued to develop our green finance operations in the country.


IPC has a stable team of about 70 permanent staff members, all of whom have many years of international project experience. Most of them live in the countries in which we implement our projects. Together with short-term experts who are based in Frankfurt, they often work jointly with local specialists or external international consultants from a pool of selected experts. Our head office is the home base for our management and administration staff, who provide back office support for all our projects.
Management Team

Job Opportunities

Are you interested in joining us? Do you already work as a consultant or have a relevant theoretical background and at least three years of practical experience and want to live and work abroad in a challenging environment. Please click below to find out about our current job opportunities. We look forward to receiving your complete application by e-mail at
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