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Introducing agricultural value chain finance in DR Congo

FPM contracted IPC to support Equity Bank Congo in establishing an infrastructure dedicated to agricultural value chain (AVC) finance. Specifically, IPC’s experts have been commissioned to implement the following tasks:

  • conducting a feasibility study on agricultural value chain finance in the Ruzizi Plain Region (South Kivu Province) to research the potential for a pilot bank branch in Uvira
  • jointly with the bank and FPM management, deciding on: bank branches with AVC finance, operating and marketing strategy, project implementation plan and business plan
  • proposing, agreeing on and implementing an organisational structure for AVC finance in the bank
  • developing agricultural finance procedures, processes, policy, products, contract templates, job descriptions, etc.
  • defining a set of indicators, categories and mitigation measures to address the risks identified for MSMEs in all sectors, environmental & social risk and specific risks linked to agricultural production, and integrating them into the IPC Analytics credit risk management tool
  • creating and adapting the analytical framework for MSMEs in the agricultural sector
  • conducting an IT gap analysis of the MIS and credit management system in terms of suitability for AVC finance operations, and subsequently preparing recommendations for modifications and integration
  • preparing the online reference system: Agricultural Encyclopedia, a directory of key information on AVCs, including information on the typical agricultural production cycle, plus information on value chain stakeholders and markets, seasonal data by region, best agricultural practices
  • reviewing internal credit control documentation for applicability to AVC loans
  • supporting the development of a AVC finance marketing brochure
  • developing and implementing a training concept, as well as content and training materials for classroom measures aimed at business staff, credit risk staff and credit control staff serving clients active in an AVC
  • supporting and coaching agricultural lending staff on the job throughout the entire credit cycle
  • selecting and training internal trainers
  • monitoring AVC finance operations, then reviewing and adapting procedures and processes as necessary

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