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Developing an Environmental Management System for the ProCredit group

Since November 2011, IPC GmbH has been working with the ProCredit group of banks in Germany, Latin America and Eastern Europe in order to support the institutionalisation of a full Environmental Management System (EMS) at all levels and institutions, with the aim of:

  • Improving the environmental performance of the operations and premises (pillar I)
  • Streamlining the management of environmental and social (E&S) risks of lending (pillar II)
  • Expanding the banking activities to new markets with the introduction of green finance products (pillar III)

To this end, IPC developed comprehensive but tailored approaches and innovative methodologies for ProCredit and implemented them at group and country level by providing management support, technical consultancy services and training as well as by developing technical capacities and by streamlining internal and on-lending processes. Lastly, IPC supported the group in developing a green lending portfolio by networking with external stakeholders, technology suppliers and local experts.

2011: Introducing environmental structures at ProCredit: Environmental policy, annual environmental plans

2012: Developing a data collection tool to analyse the environmental performance of ProCredit Banks; establishing environmental committees and Environmental Units in all banks

2012-2015: Implementing an in-house green lending methodology; introducing green loans in all ProCredit Banks

2013-2015: Developing a new approach towards E&S risk assessment

2016/2017: ProCredit group institutions certified their EMS according to ISO 14001 or EMAS


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