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Ulrich Weber

Zhong An Credit and IPC began cooperating within the framework of the IFC’s “Microfinance Operations Strengthening Program for Shenzhen Zhong An Credit”, which was carried out from August 2008 to August 2009. During the IFC project, a new cashflow-based MSE loan product was developed and subsequently introduced in 12 branches of the institution. Following this successful project, Zhong An Credit directly contracted IPC until October 2010 to assist in further rollout of the new product in additional branches, both within Shenzhen and beyond. IPC was also tasked with strengthening the institution’s head-office structure, with a special focus on a centralised training programme.

IPC implemented the following tasks:

  • Assisting the institution in rolling out the new cashflow-based loan product to additional branches, including in Hebei and Beijing
  • Designing and implementing a plan to introduce the new product in all branches of the institution
  • Together with the institution, developing a concept for the restructuring of the Product Management Department to improve the management of the new product and ensure other products continue to be managed well
  • Modification of the new product according to market needs and subsequently adjusting the technological and skill-related requirements associated with the product to better match the qualifications and assets of the institution and its traditional staff
  • Developing a training concept: career path planning, train-the-trainer approach, and training/trainer database documentation
  • Introducing a standardised market study approach to apply before opening new branches

With the assistance of IPC, Zhong An Credit was able to solidify its leading position among micro credit companies in Shenzhen, and in China as a whole, and continue to expand its sustainable business model


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