Our Experts

To achieve the necessary scope of expertise in our operations, we employ an interdisciplinary approach: bank advisers and managers, economists, business administration and marketing experts, trainers, auditors as well as engineers and IT experts all work in close co-operation to promote the success of the projects we manage. Our project employees speak the languages of the countries in which we work.

Carla Abrantes de Figueiredo

Carla Abrantes de Figueiredo joined IPC in 2005. She is a highly qualified senior consultant with proven management and training skills. As a member of IPC’s Africa team, she has demonstrated her comprehensive knowledge of banking services for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in rural and urban areas, institution and capacity building.

Azamat Baltabaev

Azamat Baltabaev is a seasoned expert in the areas of MSME financing, marketing and sales promotion. One of his major strengths lies in conceptualising and implementing employee training courses and other training measures. He has been a member of the IPC team since 2004. He is primarily engaged in consulting projects in Russia and Central Asia.

Gonzalo Barrios Chavarry

Gonzalo Barrios Chavarry has been a member of IPC's staff since 2009. As a financing expert, he implements projects geared towards developing loan products for investments in energy efficiency, renewable energies and environmental protection in Eastern Europe and Latin America. In his capacity as a consultant, he devotes substantial attention to knowledge transfer for bank employees.

Doris Bloniarz

Doris Bloniarz joined IPC in 2011 and has been carrying out MSME consulting projects in Africa and the Middle East. In her consulting activities for banks, she applies her more than 35 years of experience as a finance expert, during which she held management positions in banks and financial institutions.

Akram Bourhrara

Akram Bourhrara joined IPC in 2011. A specialist in the field of MSME finance, he has been conducting institutional analyses and market studies for several banks and MFIs, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa and the MENA region. His core activities focus on training and capacity building as well as on the development and implementation of credit technologies. His experience spans from loan to Islamic finance products.

Tong Chen

Tong Chen who joined the company in 2007 is Technical Director for the IPC China team. Thanks to her many years of experience with commercial banks in various regions of China, she possesses extensive country-specific expertise, especially with respect to institution-building in MSME lending departments and training of Chinese bank staff.

Viktoriia Darovenko

Viktoriia Darovenko has been advising banks in Eastern Europe and China for IPC since 2010. The focus of her consulting work lies in advising banks on the credit analysis of corporate customers, loan portfolio management and the introduction of new processes.

André Degenkolb

André Degenkolb, bank adviser and member of IPC staff since 2009, has extensive expertise in the development of concepts for the introduction of environmental management systems and climate finance in financial institutions in various countries in Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe. As a lending expert and team leader, he also possesses substantial project experience in the area of MSME financing.

Carina Dunker

Carina Dunker, a banking expert with managerial experience in Eastern Europe, has been an IPC staff member since 2005. As a member of the environment and energy team, she is responsible for developing the core business area of environmental credit risk management. She plays a substantial role in the implementation of training measures for the managerial staff of IPC partner banks on the topic of climate change and its consequences.

Theresa Ehmann

Theresa Ehmann joined IPC in 2013 and is IPC’s specialist for environmental and resource management. Her core activities focus on the implementation, enhancement and auditing of Environmental Management Systems in FIs according to international standards (ISO 14001, EMAS). She also develops methods and tools geared towards the management of environmental and social risk in lending and the implementation of green lending operations.

Abbad El-Rayyes

Abbad El-Rayyes, bank adviser and IPC staff member since 2014. He has been engaged in financial sector development projects since then. Aside from setting up MSME financing lines for banks in Eastern Europe, SSA and the MENA region, he has been exposed to sustainable energy finance projects in those regions. Besides he holds responsibility for the financial due diligence of large scale RE projects in Eastern Europe.

Robert Hommerich

Robert Hommerich has been working for IPC since 2010. As a project manager, he has supported various financial institutions in Eastern Europe and in China in the establishment of sustainable and profitable small business departments. He has vast experience in the implementation of IPC projects, especially with regard to assisting banks with institution-building, business development and staff training measures. He is currently responsible for developing a German-Chinese training academy, a joint venture of IPC and a local partner in Eastern China.

Oleg Ivanov

Oleg Ivanov, a bank consultant, has been a member of IPC’s Russia team since 2004. Alongside his consulting activities, which focus on the establishment of SME credit structures and capacities in Russian banks, Oleg Ivanov is in particular involved in training measures. In addition, development of electronic study materials (eLearning) as well as analysis and assessment of new partner banks are at the centre of his work.

Oksana Kozak

Oksana Kozak, an IPC staff member since 2002, carries out MSME financing projects and concept consultancies in Eastern Europe and China. As a project manager, she is responsible for the institutional development of partner banks and for the training of management staff, in addition to the development and implementation of solutions for strategic issues.

Gernot Kuhlisch

Gernot Kuhlisch, an IPC staff member since 2002, has extensive experience in the areas of MSME and energy efficiency financing in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and China. As a project co-ordinator, he has vast experience in the implementation of IPC projects, especially with regard to the institutional development of banks and their credit departments and the training of staff members.

Alexander Maly

Alexander Maly joined IPC in 2013. Specialising in the field of MSME lending, he has conducted market studies, institutional analyses and reviews of SME lending methodologies for banks and MFIs, particularly in the MENA region. As part of capacity-building measures, he has also prepared and conducted trainings for bank and MFI staff as well as business owners.

Natalia Narysheva

Natalia Narysheva is an experienced bank consultant and trainer with a focus on business development. She is responsible for the development and implementation of professional basic and advanced training measures in Eastern Europe and the institutionalisation of these measures in banks. Natalia Narysheva has worked for IPC from 1997 to 2002 and again since 2012.

Liliia Oliinyk

Liliia Oliinyk is an expert in internal control and risk management for banks as well as in the financing of energy efficiency measures. Since 2004, in the framework of bank consulting projects she has been training audit and risk management department staff and also conducts due diligence reviews of potential partner banks. In green credit projects, she is responsible for process analysis and product development.

Birgit Rauleder

Birgit Rauleder, IPC staff member since 2005, is an experienced expert in the areas of MSME financing and education finance. She implements projects in Eastern Europe and Africa and is specialised in product development, credit risk management and education, in particular.

Gabrielle Rosenau

Gabrielle Rosenau has been a member of IPC since 2012. As an engineer specialising in international agricultural development, she has worked on various rural and agricultural MSME financing projects. Her activities focus on building and implementing agricultural strategies as well as on conducting studies to identify the potential in agricultural value chains for partner financial institutions.

Marga Scheck

Marga Scheck, an IPC staff member since 1994, is an experienced expert. As a project manager, she has set up some of IPC’s most successful bank consultancy projects in the areas of MSME and energy efficiency financing, as well as contributed actively to the further development of the IPC credit technology. She is responsible for project acquisition, monitoring and co-ordination in Eastern Europe as well as Central and South-eastern Asia.

Andrew Sprunger

Andrew Sprunger joined IPC in 2011 as an MSE lending expert and trainer and played an instrumental role in setting-up and implementing MSME projects with various commercial banks in China as team leader. He has over ten years’ professional experience in the fields of MSME finance, private education finance and project management. In addition to his native language of English, he also speaks fluent Mandarin. Mr Sprunger currently serves as Country Director for China.

Olga Tarasova

Olga Tarasova has been advising partner banks in Eastern Europe and China with regard to MSME financing since 2004. In her activities, she supports partner banks in the introduction and expansion of MSME credit structures, trains staff and conducts process analyses and quality management measures.

Valerie Wang

Valerie Wang joined IPC in 2014 as a sustainable energy expert and has been engaged in numerous projects in Eastern Europe and Asia since then. Having an educational background in Project Management and RE Technologies, she supports IPC´s project teams to assess the technical and financial potential of EE/RE technologies. The results of her assessments enable financial institutions to successfully develop and implement green finance products. Valerie also develops and delivers capacity building programmes for financial sector institutions.

Daniela Wendhaus

Daniela Wendhaus, a bank consultant at IPC since 1996, is a member of the team for professional training and development of bank staff. As the most experienced staff member in this area, she is responsible for the development of training programmes for individual banks, as well as for the establishment of a training centre in China.

Mareike Wolter

Mareike Wolter, a member of the team for professional development for bank staff and education finance, has been significantly involved in the strategic development of this business area since 2010. Within this framework she implements education projects, conducts studies and supports the development of education finance programmes.

Juliane Zeller

Juliane Zeller, an IPC staff member since 2006, is an experienced marketing and communications expert. With her comprehensive expertise, she supports projects in all of IPC’s areas of operation, including the design of material for publication and an eLearning platform. In projects for the introduction of energy efficiency financing and environmental management, she works directly with the marketing departments of our partner banks.

Sergey Zenger

Sergey Zenger is IT expert and has been a member of IPC staff since 1998. In our projects in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and China, he is responsible for analysing and improving the banking software of partner banks, developing reporting and statistical modules, elaborating Internet platforms as well as for training IT staff.

Olena Zhmur

Olena Zhmur is an expert in staff development as well as an experienced lending specialist. Within the framework of IPC projects in Eastern Europe, she has been responsible for the selection, development and training of staff since 2006. She also develops bank-specific training programmes which entail integrated learning methods and also conducts training measures.