Environmental Management

The promotion of sustainable development is the goal of our business activities. In this regard, we consider protecting nature and the environment, as well as limiting climate change, to be part of our social responsibility. Therefore, we support forward-thinking environmental management that enables us to detect and avoid potential environmental damage early on.

We conduct our business activities in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, and use resources as efficiently as possible. Our ultimate objective here is to protect the environment and prevent pollution, and to this end, we adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Identifying environmental impacts;
  • Reducing the internal consumption of resources;
  • Integrating environmental protection into our consulting activities;
  • Reducing CO2 emissions;
  • Ensuring legal conformity.

Our current environmental management policies can be found here.

Environmental Management System (EMS)

IPC’s Environmental Management System was certified as ISO 14001 compliant in 2015. It helps us to make a sustainable contribution to environmental protection by enabling us to constantly control and improve our direct and indirect environmental impact.

In order to achieve this, we set targets for the company’s environmental performance and we develop concepts for the implementation of these goals. Management provides the necessary human and financial resources and is responsible for fulfilling the defined targets.

For the purpose of measuring and monitoring our environmental performance, we define performance indicators which are reappraised and updated on a yearly basis and made available to all employees. By adapting their approach to work, every employee makes a valuable contribution to the success of the EMS.

Our ISO 14001 Certificate can be found here.